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Naturopaths use a combination of science based and traditional medical knowledge to look at all aspects of an illness – mentally, emotionally and physically. Rather than suppressing symptoms, Naturopaths seek to find the absolute root cause of an illness and treat with Nature accordingly.

In an Initial Consult, Naturopaths ask many questions about life, from birth to present. They treat what is necessary for the individual’s body at that time, whether that be using herbs, supplements, foods, lifestyle changes, or a variety of other holistic prescriptions (or other complementary medicines). Our busy and stressful lives may require some flexibility around healing, so Naturopathy works with you, wherever you are in life.

Live as Nature intended us to - you don’t have to live with chronic disease, regular sickness and/or other health problems. Naturopathy can be used as a preventative medicine, or to manage specific condition(s). No short or long term health concern is too big or small for natural medicine.

Mel Crook


Melanie is a specialised leading naturopathic practitioner in Adelaide, based in the western suburbs and is also available for consultation throughout Australia online. Mel draws upon over 15 years of experience in the Naturopathic medicine field, holding a bachelor's degree in health science, naturopathic and nutritional medicine and is an associate member of ACNEM. 

Mel is always learning with a curiosity for life, travel and joy Mel's approach to life and well-being makes her approachable, relatable and easy to talk to. While she applies a calm and gentle approach to assisting her client's well-being she provides thorough and evidence-based solutions and an individualised approach to your health concerns. 

Mel has successfully supported clients through a wide range of health conditions including gut conditions, women's health, children's health, fertility planning, post viral support and mental well-being. 

Mel will often do functional pathology testing to help identify the root cause of your health condition which enables her to pinpoint and provide an effective and direct treatment plan so you can feel better quicker. Your plan is individualised utilising tools such as nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, dietary advice and lifestyle support to help you reach your optimal health goals. 

Mel is a big believer in empowering clients to take charge of their health and well-being by educating and providing individualised patient care by treating the root cause and not just the symptoms and supporting them along their journey through realistic and holistic solutions. 

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