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Personal Training

PT sessions focusing on core stability and functional movement  may benefit your overall health and support your chiropractic care by strengthening  areas of identified weakness and improving posture.  This will allow the body to function at its best and move with ease so you can go about daily tasks or meet your fitness goals with confidence. 

Sessions will be designed to suit all ages, levels of fitness, ability and mobility.

Josh Netschitowsky personal training.jpg

Josh Netschitowsky

Personal Trainer

Hi! I'm Josh Netschitowsky, the  owner/Head Coach at JN7 Performance Training, and Performance Coach at The Nth Degree Athlete Coaching. I have over 10 years’ experience in coaching athletes and working with people of all fitness levels. 

My philosophy is simple - help people move with ease. My goal at Frisbee at Frisbee Health and Chiropractic is just that - to help you move with ease and confidence, whether you want to get gym-ready, strengthen areas of the body that need it, or simply perform your day to day movement functionally. 

I look forward to working with you.

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